07 Feb

Social protection can be broadly defined as the polices and programs concerned with “preventing, managing, and overcoming situations which adversely affect people’s wellbeing” (UN Research Institute for Social Development). It includes such policies as social assistance and social insurance, health care access, and labor market interventions, among others. These policies and programs are essential for achieving Sustainable Development Goal #1: “No Poverty”, and as such have become a central point of focus in both international and national policy agendas. In Jordan specifically, there has been an increased focus on establishing a social protection floor through the expansion and improvement of social protection programs, as outlined within the National Social Protection Strategy of 2019. However, in order to achieve the goal of breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty as outlined within the strategy, considerable challenges must be addressed and adjustments must be made to existing systems.

This dialogue session will present and discuss the findings of six papers created as part of the Economic Research Forum’s “Reimagining Social Protection in Jordan and Tunisia” series, conducted in partnership with the Ford Foundation. These papers cover a variety of social protection topics, including the current landscape of social protection in Jordan, expansion of social insurance, minimum and living wages, provision of cash assistance and wellbeing, targeting of assistance for Jordan’s refugee population, and the enabling environment for social dialogue in generating social protection reforms.


The purpose of the dialogue session is to explore the current landscape and situation of social protection in Jordan, including specific challenges, strengths, and areas for improvement. The dialogue will provide space to discuss these various topics with relevant policymakers, civil society organizations, and experts in order to generate both improved understanding of social protection as well as wide-reaching solutions for policy challenges. 


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